Monday, April 15, 2013

Pajama Pants - McCalls M6227

Miss V had the Monday after Easter off from school.  Since other plans that were supposed to include her fell through I took her to Hobby Lobby to spend some birthday money.

Well after a couple hours and a couple science kits later she mentioned that she really wants to learn how to sew this summer.

So we headed down to the fabric section.  I found a McCalls pattern, M6227.  It is for pajamas.  I figured that after some practice she would be able to make these.  I had her pick out fabric and she paid for that.

After cutting the pattern and not fitting it well on the fabric, I decided to make them more of a capri length. 

So while she was at school on Tuesday, I sewed them up as much as I could.  I also had enough scrap material to make her American Girl Doll, Kathleen a pair.

So when Miss V got home, I had her try them on so I could do the elastic and hem.

Miss V is very happy with them.

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