Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Old ceiling fan blades + creativity = Cute Dragonflies

Miss V's school is raising money for their new gym and classroom building.  The PTF came up with a cute way to raise a little money.  One mom found the idea of using old ceiling fan blades and a chair or table leg to make a dragonfly.

Each class made one and they were all due back on campus yesterday.  I took my big camera (Canon Rebel DSLR) and snapped pictures of them.

I helped the other 5th Grade class with theirs.  The teacher loves to garden so we chose a gardening theme.

Each fan blade was sprayed with two or three layers of Krylon Indoor/Outdoor Gloss White.  The head, I sprayed a few more times.

The body was sprayed three or four times with Krylon Indoor/Outdoor Mambo Pink Gloss. 

The students decorated each blade with a theme.  One with flowers, one with herbs, one with fruits and veggies and one with tools.  That was all done with Sharpie markers.

Once those were dry, I gently sprayed them with Rust-Oleum American Accents Ultra Cover Clear Gloss.  You must go gently since some of the marker did spread.  Once it dries you can really go nuts and give them multiple layers of the gloss.

The wings were attached with screws to the back of the body and I went over the back with a couple layers of the gloss.

I used paint pens to decorate the face and sprayed that with a few layers of the gloss.  For the hanger I made a loop of metal and put it around the screw in the chair leg and screwed on the head.  I drilled a small hole in the top of the head for the antenna.  I pushed in the antenna and used white silicone to keep it attached and waterproof.

We used old fan blades from Habitat for Humanity and my lovely husband picked up a bunch of fans on the side of a road, where someone was rehabbing a house.

You can also check salvage companies for the supplies.

Each one of the classes look very different and so cute!

These are meant to be hung outside on a fence or lanai.  They would make a cute addition to any garden.

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