Thursday, May 29, 2014

Thanks for Helping Me Grow Teacher Gift

Miss V has a Resource Teacher who is beyond incredible.  She has worked with us for many years and we just love her so much and appreciates how much she goes above and beyond.

Miss V wanted to get her something different than the other teachers.  She finally decided on a plant and we walked around Home Depot for 30 minutes looking for the perfect "happy" looking plant.

Miss V spotted this lantana, I think it is called Dallas Red Lantana.

The pictures are really dark since it was still dark out when I took the picture.  The ribbon around it is actually neon pink and lime green.

The saying says:  Thank you for helping me grow this year.  I forgot to go to the dollar store to pickup a a cheap ruler to attach the note to.  So I quickly used a digital scrapbook kit and printed one out and attached it to a bamboo skewer.

Miss V's teacher loved it and has started planting flowers that will attract butterflies.

Teacher Gifts for Year End

Miss V loves giving her teachers homemade gifts and I think her favorite is a cup filled with drink mixes.

The cups are only about $4.97 at Walmart and we bought a bunch of boxes of the individual drink powders.  She loves picking out different patterned cups.

This year for the saying I used a digital scrapbook kit that had a cute little composition book.  I added the text layer in different colors picked by Miss V.  I printed them on a 4x6 photo paper and trimmed off the white edges. Punched a hole into it and used curling ribbon to attach it to the bag.

Now the bags...don't go crazy finding gift bags.  Hobby Lobby sells bags in the paper crafting section.  There are a dozen for I think 9.99 and they are pretty!!!