Monday, April 29, 2013

Polymer Clay swirl lollipop for an American Girl Doll

I spotted this cute blog the other day and had to pin this idea.  The original directions can be found at Theresa's Mixed Nuts.

What you need:  A couple different colors of polymer clay and two skewers.

 Pinch off a small piece from each block.

Roll them until they are about 8 inches long.  Then pinch the ends on one side and twist the colors together.  Then roll them until smooth.
 Start at one end and curl the clay around in a tight circle.

Break a long skewer in half and insert the sharp end into the clay.  Bake them at 225 for 20 minutes.  Allow the clay to cool.

 The orange and white was my first attempt and didn't look so good, but the pink and white came out cute!

Here is Miss Kathleen with her new lollipop

It was super easy and fun to make!

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