Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Professor McGonagall

Miss V is dressing up as Hermoine Granger for Halloween and wanted me to dress up like Professor McGonagall.  Cool I thought....then I went searching for a green velvet robe and came up with NOTHING!

So we went to Joanns and picked out a Pattern.

Then I went searching for green velvet fabric that was under $10.00 a yard.  I found some on sale at an online fabric store and ordered.  Well that experience was awful.  I got an email that my order was cancelled because they didn't have enough (when I ordered it said they had 20 yards and I needed 8).  So I called the customer service number to get the story.  The warehouse was moved and they lost the bolt of fabric and to call back in a few days when the rest of the inventory would be moved.  I called back and they still couldn't find it. 

So I kept watching the sales everywhere else. 

Finally Hobby Lobby opened a few miles from my house and I printed out a 40% coupon.  Then went to the grand opening weekend.  Everyone was so helpful and I got my 8 yards of hunter green velvet.

It took me a few days to gain the courage to cut the fabric.  Even at 40% off it was still a lot of money.

I sewed it over a couple of days and here I am...

The black crinkle skirt was $9.00 at Walmart and the button down black top was $13.00.  I had the black lace up boots.  I found a neat pendant at Hobby Lobby and used black suede cord to put it on.  The hat I bought on eBay.

I even have the Harry Potter theme song on my phone and will play it while walking around on Halloween.

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Army Memory/Cork Board

I made this yesterday for Miss V.  It is a memory board made from a cork board.

Wrapped the frame in "digtial camo" Duct tape

The pictures are pretty much self explanatory.  The board itself has pictures of her and her big brother, the dog tags he gave her right after graduation and a coin he mailed from basic training, and a map pinned where his duty station is.  There is plenty of room for other special items.

Thursday, July 5, 2012

Sponge Bombs - Easier clean up than water balloons

So...if I haven't already said this on my Foodie Blog, I love Pinterest!!!  I also love water balloons.  I just don't like filling them or cleaning up the bits of broken balloons.  So a few months back I repinned this from Inner Child.  Sponge Bombs.

So yesterday I have the brilliant idea to make some.  Did you know the dollar store does not have sponges without the scrubby side?  Well Walmart does!  So I bought out their remaining packages.

The pictures are pretty self explanatory.  I clipped the end of the zip tie with a cuticle trimmer and there were no sharp edges left.  Miss V didn't get to use them last night since it started POURING.

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Cute gift idea for Teachers Year End gifts

So Miss V and I have been looking all over Pinterest for cute gift ideas for her "specials" (PE, Music, Art, Librarian and Resource) teachers.  We found a cute gumball idea, so I ran out to Walmart last night.

I bought a case of half pint jars, a large container of gumballs and two spools of ribbon that are the school's colors.

She filled the jars while I printed up the little poem.  The poem says:
Thanks for "chewsing" to be an awesome teacher this year!


I have had a ball with you!

I used the script Anmari.

I cut them into circles and placed them on the lid and then screwed on the bands.

This morning she quickly put them on all their desks while they were not there.  She loves doing little surprise type of things.

Friday, May 11, 2012

Teacher Appreciation Week

I totally spaced this week and didn't know it was Teacher Appreciation Week.  Luckily another mom mentioned it.

I quickly googled ideas and found a cute cup idea.

They are travel cups found at Walmart for just a few dollars and they are filled with Country Time Lemonade packets and Crystal light packets.

The little poem for the teacher says "Mrs. XXXXXXXX Thank you for quenching our thirst for knowledge, Love Your Ducklings"  (that is the cute phrase she calls the kids)

I also made two others for Miss V's Resource Teacher and the Librarian.  With the same saying but just from Miss V and of course those are printed in her favorite color, LIME Green!

Oh and I will make some others for the teachers as year end gifts.  I will just have to find some other cute poem related to the "specials" (PE, Music....etc)

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Easy shorts pattern for an American Girl Doll or other 18 inch doll

I found an easy way to create shorts.  I used the Simplicity Pattern #4297 and measured Kathleen's inseam.  I drew a line on the pattnern at 3 1/4 inches and folded the pattern.  Then I made a copy of each piece and cut it out.

I think it worked like a charm!!!!

Khaki Capri pants for an American Girl Doll or other 18 inch doll

I used the Simplicty Pattern #4297 and cut the cloth out a bit shorter to make a pair of capri pants.

Here is Kathleen with her new capri pants and a pair of sandals I found on ebay.

The ebay seller also has a store and it is called Dori's Doll Boutique.  She had the most reasonably priced shoes and a great selection.

Thursday, April 5, 2012

Hawaiian Dress for an American Girl Doll or other 18 inch doll Version 2

I got the pattern at Liberty Jane and it is called the Hawaiian Sundress.  This time I tried the other bodice that came with the pattern.  I did mess up sewing the straps on.  Once I ripped them out and re-stitched them it was fairly easy to put the rest together.  I even used velcro on the back of the bodice!  Woo Hoo for me!

You know if Miss V could stock her closet full of dresses from Shaka Time she would.  She loves dresses like this for summer.

Hawiian Sundress for an American Girl Doll or other 18 inch doll

I have to admit...I messed up somewhere with this dress.  I have never made a lining and the directions were very clear (at least to me).

I got the pattern at Liberty Jane and it is called the Hawaiian Sundress.

Mine did not meet up in the back enough to add velcro.

So I bought a little box of hook and eye closures.

Worked like a charm!

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Princess Pajama bottoms

I made these by using the same Simplicity Pattern 4297.  The fabric is a leftover from when I made a small pillowcase for Miss V when she went to Preschool!!!

Apron for an American Girl Doll or other 18 inch doll

I found this originally on Pinterest.  The blog is called Fun Threads Designs and the tutorial is for an Apron, Chef Hat and Oven mitt.  I just made an apron using her directions.  I just had a problem with the ribbons moving around while I sewed the front and back together.  It really isn't a big deal.

I love the pattern on this material and will have to make another after I pick up some more ribbon.

Unfinished Doll Beds for an 18 doll including American Girl Dolls

I have been hunting for reasonably priced unfinished beds for Miss V's American Girll doll for about a year. I found some a few months ago, but the store did not ship.  I found them at Mill Stores.   Then a couple weeks ago I looked at them again and they now ship!!!!  So I ordered two and when the boxes arrived, they were quickly hidden in the garage.  I didn't have much time to finish them, so I didn't even fill the nail holes or sand them.  I used the Behr paint and primer in one and it did a great job.  I gave each bed two coats of paint and then put them in my office and locked the door so the suprise wouldn't get spoiled.

A piece of 22x22 inch foam cut in half and it made the perfect size mattress

I tried to follow a tutorial on making fitted sheets, but ended up a bit frustrated since these were custom sizes compared to the tutorial.  Luckily the fabric was big enough just to tightly tuck around the mattresses.

Here is the quilts, pillows and decorative pillows.

American Girl Pajamas

I am not having very much luck finding an easy free pajama pattern, specifically a night gown pattern.  So today I make a Liberty Jane Trendy Tank Top and a pair of pants from Simplicity 4297.  I used left over bright pink flannel.  I think it came out pretty cute.  I just don't have enough to make a second set right now.  I do have some cute Disney fabrics that I could just make pants from.

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Hawaiian Pa'u Hula outfits


So I didn't get around to making these last week before Miss V's birthday but did cut the fabric out.  This afternoon I sewed them up and they are super easy to make.  I found the pattern at Libery Jane and it is called Hawaiian Pa'u Hula Outfit.

Here is Kathleen in her new outfit.

 Both Annie and Kathleen love their new outfits!

The fabric was left over when I made a curtain for the guest bathroom.

Mahalo for visiting!

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Pinterest and AG Doll stuff

Gesh...I have spent hours upon hours googling for free directions/tutorials for AG doll bedding and couldn't find any.

Then on Pinterest someone pinned some awesome tutorials From An Igloo, Fun Things to Make and Do.  I am not really good when it says to cut a certain size piece of fabric if I don't have a pattern.  So I used the tutorial on Pillows and made a pattern.  On the pattern I also put a label on it with what it is for and a link back to that blog.

Sorry about the bad pictures, I am in my scrapbook room/office and the lighting is kind of wacky in the afternoon.  I also got a little ahead of my self and should have left on of the smaller sides open to stuff the pillow.  Good thing this is just my sample test pillow.

So if you are looking for great and easy bedding tutorials, check out From An Igloo, Fun Things to Make and Do.

Tuesday, March 20, 2012


So I wanted to refresh a pair of my black shorts, a pair of my husband's black pants and dye a pair of olive green capri pants and a pair of navy shorts.

I bought a bottle of the black dye this morning and started working on this little project.  I followed the directions from their site exactly.

During the process it looked promising....After the items had been rinsed, washed and dried...well it wasn't as successful as I had hoped.

Black Pants - Before

Black Pants - After (these do look much better)

Black Shorts - Before

Black Shorts - After (they came out good)

Navy Shorts - Before

Navy Shorts - After (they are darker but definitely not black)

Olive Capri pants - Before

Olive Capri Pants - After they are more like charcoal gray and not sure if I have anything that would go with them.