Thursday, October 15, 2009

Magic Potion Jars

Magic Potion Jars These magic potion jars are an easy craft project that everyone can enjoy. It is a fun Halloween craft or perfect for celebrating a wizard theme. Materials Needed:Jars with Lids – any sizes and shapes Scrap Fabric or Felt Twine Halloween Scrapbook Paper and stickers
Avery Label (3x4 inch)

Instructions: Wrap your jar with a strip of scrapbook paper. On the label write your magic ingredients; witches warts, eye of newt, dragon's breath etc... Decorate the paper with the stickers.

Cut a piece of fabric or felt about 1-inch larger around than the lid. Place the fabric on the lid, holding it down around the edges, and tie it in place with a piece of twine.

These jars can be left empty and used for decorating purposes or they can be filled with candy or other treats and given as gifts.

Monday, October 5, 2009

Ghost Beaded Pin

We will be making this cute pin next week. I think I need to find an easier craft for the younger kids.

Ghost Beaded Pin
Materials Needed:
11 - 1 1/16 inches Safety Pins
1 - 1 3/4 inch Safety Pin
Seed Beads (refer to picture for colors needed)
Follow this pattern and the basic directions on the safety pin jewelry page to complete this project.

Each number column represents a pin; for example, your first pin will have 10 black beads. Your second pin will have 2 black beads, 3 white beads, and then 5 more black beads. When you thread these beaded pins onto your larger pin, start with pin number 1.

I learned the hard way that you need to do this upside down. LOL