Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Professor McGonagall

Miss V is dressing up as Hermoine Granger for Halloween and wanted me to dress up like Professor McGonagall.  Cool I thought....then I went searching for a green velvet robe and came up with NOTHING!

So we went to Joanns and picked out a Pattern.

Then I went searching for green velvet fabric that was under $10.00 a yard.  I found some on sale at an online fabric store and ordered.  Well that experience was awful.  I got an email that my order was cancelled because they didn't have enough (when I ordered it said they had 20 yards and I needed 8).  So I called the customer service number to get the story.  The warehouse was moved and they lost the bolt of fabric and to call back in a few days when the rest of the inventory would be moved.  I called back and they still couldn't find it. 

So I kept watching the sales everywhere else. 

Finally Hobby Lobby opened a few miles from my house and I printed out a 40% coupon.  Then went to the grand opening weekend.  Everyone was so helpful and I got my 8 yards of hunter green velvet.

It took me a few days to gain the courage to cut the fabric.  Even at 40% off it was still a lot of money.

I sewed it over a couple of days and here I am...

The black crinkle skirt was $9.00 at Walmart and the button down black top was $13.00.  I had the black lace up boots.  I found a neat pendant at Hobby Lobby and used black suede cord to put it on.  The hat I bought on eBay.

I even have the Harry Potter theme song on my phone and will play it while walking around on Halloween.

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