Monday, September 27, 2010

Tall Ghost, cost $12.00

This year I am looking to make some inexpensive decorations.  I saw some tomato cage ghosts and thought, I can do that and make it taller!

I picked up a Styrofoam ball (10.00) and a package of orange string lights, 50 (2.00) at walmart yesterday.

First, tip the tomato cage upside down and push the Styrofoam ball on the ends.

Next, take your string lights, can be any color and zip tie them to the cage.

I then zip tied the cage to an unused plant stand.

Added some white fabric that I had in a bin or you could use a twin sheet.  Use black permanent marker to make the eyes and mouth. To give him a neck, I used some clear stretchy jewelry cording and tied it around his neck or you could use fishing line or white thread.

Plug in and enjoy your new friendly ghost!

 This one comes up to my shoulders, so around 4 foot.

Friday, September 24, 2010

Trixie the Halloween Fairy bag

Of course you can't have a really cool costume without a really cool trick or treat bag.  So I found a 3 pack of canvas tote bags at Walmart.  They are 13.5 x 13.5 x 3.5 inches, perfect!

I printed out Trixie on an iron on transfer page.  I used the one for dark fabrics because I wanted the white background.

Then around the edges I used some bright orange grosgrain ribbon and glued it on with Fabri-tac.  The corners looked a bit messy so I whipped out my box of scrapbooking flowers.  I found a pretty orange flower from CK and glued those on.  Now what for the center....I have plenty of brads, but didn't want to poke holes into the bag so I found some mini pom poms left over from a Christmas craft and voila....

A pretty trick or treat bag for my little Trixie.

Isn't it cute?  What do you think???

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Frightfully Fun Frames

Frightfully Fun Frames, I saw this idea a little while ago on another blog.  I thought the idea is super cute for Halloween.  I don't have much of a budget for decorating this year so I had to improvise alot.

First I had a 5x7 black frame not being used.  I used some purple scrapbook paper and for the letters I cut out the letters with my Mickey Font Cricut Cartridge.  I cut BOO in 1.5 inch.

I then used my Martha glue and glitter in Peridot on the paper letters and let dry.

Next I used my glue from my Elmer's Craft Kit, it is called Craft Bond and it is a dual tip pen.  I used the wide end and really covered the back of the letters and put them on the background paper and let dry.

Next I took the frame apart and put the paper in first then the glass then the back of the frame.

I think it came out pretty cute despite the changes that I needed to do. 

So what do you think?


One of my neighbors sells Uppercase Living and I received the word "spooktacular" last year as a freebie.  I finally used it today, after I remembered to get the MDF board from her.  LOL

Anyway I painted the board white and then put the expression on it.  On the back I put in two small screws and tied a piece of black and white checked ribbon.

I wanted to jazz it up a bit and took some white thread, glue dots and some spiders from my scrapbook stuff.  I think it came out cute and I can change the spiders for different ones next year.

Elmer's Crafters Campaign on Bzz Agent

I joined Bzz Agent this summer and I am on my second campaign.  I received my Elmer's Crafters Kit.


I will be letting my daughter (aka Miss V), use this kit on her Indian Project for school this weekend.

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Trixie costume is done......

Trixie costume is done......and I have one happy little Halloween Fairy!!!!

For her own protection, I had to block out her face in hopes that someone does not feel the need to put her picture on their own websites.  (long story).

So what do you think???????

Trixie day #1

I got an early start this morning on Miss V's Trixie Costume, since she now has to be to school at 7:45.  I was home a little after 8.  I laid out the fabric on the floor and started pinning and cutting.  In just under an hour I had the back pieces, front pieces and the sleeves cut out.  I did measure Miss V this morning and shortened the tunic a lot.  She doesn't need it to be all the way to the floor.

I am starting to feel a bit more confident that I can do this. So here are a few pictures of what I already accomplished this morning.

My 11:20 update....

I started sewing about an hour ago and only had one minor freak out. I could NOT understand the directions for the sleeves.  After a sip of ice coffee, I improvised and did it my way!   I just need figure out how much to take it on the sides since it is way to wide.

Ok sewing machine is threaded and ready to stitch...

Ready or we go!

So far so good....

I think it is coming out pretty good!!

Monday, September 20, 2010

Trixie the Halloween Fairy

Yesterday at Walmart we were just peeking at the Halloween stuff and I saw fairy/butterfly wings.  I realized that I never ordered the green ones for Miss V's reward, I know bad Mummah!  So I casually said, wow those orange wings look like Trixie the Halloween Fairy wings.  Miss V right then and there said she wanted to be Trixie for Halloween.  I must have asked her 5 or 6 times if she wanted them for dress up or for her costume and I would not order the Jane Jetson costume.  She was ADAMANT that she wanted to be Trixie!  Oh so I pull up the book cover picture on my lovely blackberry.  Sure enough we found the orange and black tights, wand and necklace.  I couldn't really tell what was on her head and then figured, hey I could just whip up an orange dress...Ok I haven't seriously sewn in YEARS!!!!!!

I looked all over online last night for orange tunics, peasant type dresses and to no avail.  I did spot a pattern by McCalls. 

I explained to Miss V this morning that I was going to go look at Joann's fabrics and if I couldn't find anything, then I would order a large men's long sleeve t-shirt and would take it in and up.  She was fine with that, but said she just knew I would find something at Joanns.  But wanted to make sure that I could some how make it sparkly.  Yep...I have spray glitter which she remembered using last year for our tin can Santa.

So after dropping her off at school this morning, I went and got my ice coffee at Dunkies to strengthen my fortitude that I can sew....

So at Joanns I find the pattern, take a really big deep breath and went in search of orange fabric.  I naturally went to the front where the Halloween fabrics are located.  Nothing so I walked s-l-o-w-l-y up and down the aisles until I found it!  There was bolt of Orange panne velvet in all its glory..just waiting for me.

Take another deep breath, take the lovely bolt of orange panne velvet off the shelf and headed to the cutting station and get my 3 yards.  I then and go get matching thread and went in search of a canvas bag that I can decorate up for her trick or treat bag.  I couldn't believe it, they don't have them.  Oh project at a time.

So I check out and feel like I am going to have a mini stroke...Can I seriously do this???  Can I make a halfway decent tunic dress????  What was I thinking?????

So somehow this:

Will turn into this adorable fairy?

Any and all encouragement would be greatly appreciated!!!!  LOL

Monday, September 13, 2010

Halloween Party Invite

I just created this for Miss V's Halloween Party.  Of course I took out the layer that had the party details.  The kit, I found at GottaPixel, it is call Lil Spooks.  It is so cute!

Frankenstein Pot 2010

Since my sample from last year was never returned, I made a new Frankenstein Pot this year.  This year I think he even looks cuter than last year.

HERE are the directions.

This year I use Americana Paint in Citron Green and it is much better.  You can't tell from the pictures the true color from the picture.  I still need to seal him.

I still need to get some gray craft foam for his neck bolts.