Thursday, June 27, 2013

Easter Egg Glow Bugs for God's Backyard Bible Camp Under the Stars

Standard Publishing posted a cute picture this morning.  Some crafty person made little glow bugs from Easter Eggs and some other craft supplies.

I realized that I have everything to make a couple.  So I went digging in my craft supplies to find the googly eyes.

So I went out to the garage to find the perfect colored egg, ummm yes I do have an abundance of eggs.

You also will need some
Pipe Cleaners
Craft Foam
Googly eyes
Fishing line
Glue Dots
Hot glue gun
Battery Operated Tea light.  I picked up a back at Dollar Tree months ago thinking I would make a little camp fire for Miss V's AG Doll Kathleen.

Use glue dots to attach the googly eyes

Draw a happy smile on your glow bug

I didn't measure the pipe cleaner, just kind of guessed what looked right and hot glued them on.

Curve over the top of the pipe cleaner
For the wings I used another egg and traced a circle then cut it in half and hot glued them on.

I couldn't get a good picture, but I hot glued the end of a length of fishing line to the inside of the head part of the egg.
 Add the tea light and turn on to check it out.

It came out cute!!!

I even made a quick video.  I had to shut the blinds, curtain and lights off.  I had the ceiling fan on so that it would spin around a bit.

Friday, June 14, 2013

Paper lantern owl

I saw these all over Pinterest and not one had any real directions. I bought a pack of 5 small lanterns at Target the other day. So I kind of winged it this morning. 

I used the small purple lantern
Orange craft foam for the feet and beak
Purple craft foam for the ear tufts
Patterned scrapbook paper for the wings
White and Black Card stock

I think it came out pretty cute and I will attempt to make a few more to hang out at our VBS program, God's Backyard Bible Camp Under the Stars.