Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Pinterest and AG Doll stuff

Gesh...I have spent hours upon hours googling for free directions/tutorials for AG doll bedding and couldn't find any.

Then on Pinterest someone pinned some awesome tutorials From An Igloo, Fun Things to Make and Do.  I am not really good when it says to cut a certain size piece of fabric if I don't have a pattern.  So I used the tutorial on Pillows and made a pattern.  On the pattern I also put a label on it with what it is for and a link back to that blog.

Sorry about the bad pictures, I am in my scrapbook room/office and the lighting is kind of wacky in the afternoon.  I also got a little ahead of my self and should have left on of the smaller sides open to stuff the pillow.  Good thing this is just my sample test pillow.

So if you are looking for great and easy bedding tutorials, check out From An Igloo, Fun Things to Make and Do.

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