Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Cute gift idea for Teachers Year End gifts

So Miss V and I have been looking all over Pinterest for cute gift ideas for her "specials" (PE, Music, Art, Librarian and Resource) teachers.  We found a cute gumball idea, so I ran out to Walmart last night.

I bought a case of half pint jars, a large container of gumballs and two spools of ribbon that are the school's colors.

She filled the jars while I printed up the little poem.  The poem says:
Thanks for "chewsing" to be an awesome teacher this year!


I have had a ball with you!

I used the script Anmari.

I cut them into circles and placed them on the lid and then screwed on the bands.

This morning she quickly put them on all their desks while they were not there.  She loves doing little surprise type of things.


  1. Those are really cute! We didn't do anything for Emily's teachers this year, but I bought a cute candle set for Olivia's teachers. I'll have to think of something cute next year.

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