Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Trixie Costume...work day #1

I got an early start this morning on Miss V's Trixie Costume, since she now has to be to school at 7:45.  I was home a little after 8.  I laid out the fabric on the floor and started pinning and cutting.  In just under an hour I had the back pieces, front pieces and the sleeves cut out.  I did measure Miss V this morning and shortened the tunic a lot.  She doesn't need it to be all the way to the floor.

I am starting to feel a bit more confident that I can do this. So here are a few pictures of what I already accomplished this morning.

My 11:20 update....

I started sewing about an hour ago and only had one minor freak out. I could NOT understand the directions for the sleeves.  After a sip of ice coffee, I improvised and did it my way!   I just need figure out how much to take it on the sides since it is way to wide.

Ok sewing machine is threaded and ready to stitch...

Ready or not...here we go!

So far so good....

I think it is coming out pretty good!!

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  1. Wow Lynn!! You're doing an amazing job! I think it looks great!