Monday, September 27, 2010

Tall Ghost, cost $12.00

This year I am looking to make some inexpensive decorations.  I saw some tomato cage ghosts and thought, I can do that and make it taller!

I picked up a Styrofoam ball (10.00) and a package of orange string lights, 50 (2.00) at walmart yesterday.

First, tip the tomato cage upside down and push the Styrofoam ball on the ends.

Next, take your string lights, can be any color and zip tie them to the cage.

I then zip tied the cage to an unused plant stand.

Added some white fabric that I had in a bin or you could use a twin sheet.  Use black permanent marker to make the eyes and mouth. To give him a neck, I used some clear stretchy jewelry cording and tied it around his neck or you could use fishing line or white thread.

Plug in and enjoy your new friendly ghost!

 This one comes up to my shoulders, so around 4 foot.


  1. Of course you can make one Tammy!

  2. Super cute, I mean spooky! :) I want to make a ghost like this for our front yard. Thanks for posting directions.

  3. Very clever! I have some iron topiary forms that are usually in my urns but have pumpkins in their place right now, so this might a project I can do with them! Thanks for the directions!

  4. What a darling idea! It looks adorable!