Monday, January 27, 2014

American Girl Doll Chef Set

So earlier this year, I joined a Sewing Group for American Girl Dolls on yahoo.  Well they have a monthly sew along and this month was an 18 Inch Doll Chef Set.  The pattern is a freebie.

It has finally warmed up and my thumbs aren't hurting so I decided to get going since there are only a couple more days in January.

I actually had a hard time picking out what fabrics that I wanted to use.  At first I was going with an apple and solid red and it just wasn't working.  It didn't look fun...

Then I remembered I had some cute stripe and polka dot fabrics left over from a project years ago.  I used to make some little embellished overalls for Miss V's JoJo Circus party.

Anyway here we go!

I think the set came out cute and I really can't wait for Miss V to see Kathleen in her new set.  This also means I need to make a set for Marie-Grace.

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