Friday, February 20, 2015

Simple three strand yarn Friendship Bracelet

Since I am still worried about my younger groups or children that have motor skill issues, I have a couple skeins of yarn.

3 colors of yarn, cut to 40 inches
tape or clip boards

Fold the yarn in half and make a loop like in the Fishtail bracelets.  Separate the strands into like colors.  I used white, yellow and purple.  So both strands of the same color are together.  Then clip the loop to the clipboard.  You will need a little bit of tension for this one.

Bring the left hand strand over the middle strand to the center.

Then bring the right hand strand over the new middle strand to the center.  Repeat until you get your desired length.  Make a simple knot at the end.  I then made two sections of yarn and braided them and knotted them at the end so they can be tied together at the top loop.

This version took me maybe 5 minutes tops!  I definitely think my younger kids could do this pretty easily.  Plus they could have time left over to make more for their family and friends.

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