Sunday, February 22, 2015

Love ROCKS, Bubble Magnets

I am working on making samples for our VBS Program, Blast to the Past.  This is one of the projects that we will be doing in Mission Quest Cave.

I found a great tutorial on Craft Supplies for Less.

You will need domed, flat backed glass Cabochon beads, Diamond Glaze, E6000 Adhesive, round magnets, pictures, scrapbook paper, stickers.  I do have to say I had a very hard time finding the Diamond Glaze.  I finally just bought it on Amazon.

I ordered my glass beads on Amazon since I didn't need to many right now.

Rockin Beads Brand, 48 Clear Glass Dome Tile Cabochon Clear 25mm 1 Inch Non-calibrated Round

40 CleverDelights Square Glass Tiles - 1 Inch - Clear Tiles - Glass Cabochons - For Photo Pendants Mosaics Trays - 1" 25mm Tiles - 4mm Thick

Since my beads were 1 inch, I used a 1 inch circle punch and cut out some pretty scrapbook paper and some plain paper.  I added some stickers and left some plain.

I also found two old pictures of my son and punched them out. I also used a cute picture of Miss V and punched that out.

Once all your paper backing is decorated, use a small amount of Diamond Glaze right on the picture/paper then gently place the bead on top.  Now....warning the Diamond Glaze says not to shake it will cause bubbles.  I didn't shake my bottle, but had to deal with bubbles.  It is suggested that you run the tip of the bottle through the bubble.  That didn't work for me so I used a pin.

When dry use a bit of the E6000 adhesive and dab it on the magnet.  Place the bead, flat side down right onto the adhesive.  Let dry....

Good thing I made the samples...I have learned that the picture I used of Miss V was printed on my inkjet years ago and the Diamond Glaze totally distorted it after a few minutes. The pictures of my son that were printed at Walgreens/CVS/Ritz Camera came out perfect.  The scrapbook paper ones look fabulous too!

Oh and I used some pretty glass beads to make some more.  I have a very big and heavy bin of glass beads thanks to Father Cal and Miss Sandy at church.

One other think I have learned is, watch out for the magnet strength!  Wowzers, I bought the ones at Hobby Lobby and they are STRONG!!!!

So what I have come up with is that the kids will get to decorate some paper ones and if they want they can pick out some glass baubles too.  Since the Diamond Glaze is tricky and I am not comfortable with kids using the E6000, I think it will be best if the kids put their items in a ziplock with their name and after VBS is done for the morning a few of us will stay after get some pizza or lunch and assemble the kids magnets and send them home the next day.

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