Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Cricut Shoulder Bag

Since I bought my Cricut Expression 2 last year, I never found a good way to travel with it.  I am so afraid that I am going to drop it.  I also have the original Cricut that fits perfectly in a reusable shopping bag with my tools and mats.

So after VBS I started looking online for a bag.  I found a bag from Cricut on so many sites.  But the reviews were a bit scary.  Like these from various sites:

Doesn't work good for larger crickets 
Doesn't fit right for the cricket expressions if it unzipped from side instead of front it would have been better.. Takes 10 min to figure out how to get it in the bag

This Cricut bag is well made and great for protecting a small/original Cricut machine from dust. In my opinion, however, if travelling outside your home, you'd have to be careful not to drop the bag because it isn't cushioned very well.  As far as fitting the Cricut Expression, despite the zippered extensions, it is "one wrestling match" to get the machine into the bag.  Think it's tough getting the Expression into the bag? Try getting it out.  The zippered opening seemed too small. Overall the fit is a pressed fit. It took 2 of us to handle the removal of the machine from the bag; one to get the Cricut Expression out and the other to prevent dropping it. ProvoCraft needs to come up with something better for the Cricut Expression. I'd be happy to have a cover or a bag just to keep the machine dust free. For the crafters that work with their Cricuts away from home, they'd no doubt want a cushioned bag

Cricut Shoulder Bag
This item was purchased for the Cricut Expressions machind and althought it can zipper open to expand to take the larger one, it really does not work well for putting the unit in and out or giving the larger Expressions the support and protection it needs. More of an after thought than really a design for the Expressions Machine.

Well finally after seeing negative comment after negative comment (all recent), I spotted one that said there was a hidden zipper on the end.

I decided to go for it and bought it on eBay.  Look it fits!  It was so easy to get in and out.  It might have been helpful  if the zipper was a different color besides black.

 Power Cord and USB cord is stored in the front pocket.

 It zipped up just fine.


Now I am on the hut for a cute polka dot fabric and I will make a tote bag that can hold the mats and my little tool kit.

So the moral of this entry....stick with your gut feeling and not all reviews are correct.

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