Tuesday, July 15, 2014

VBS Themes....smells and sounds

One thing I love about Standard Publishing is each year's theme.  They are always so easy to work with.

The first year that I volunteered, was Inside Out and Upside Down on Main Street and I ran the Brown Bag Bistro site, which was the snack site.  Maybe because I am a Disney freak, when I think of something the idea of what it smells like comes to me. When I leader for the Brown Bag Bistro, I had a tart warmer in the window of the church kitchen.  Kids couldn't get to it and it was electric so there wasn't a flame.  I had a blueberry scone tart and the whole area smelled like cute little bistro.

The second year was Adventures on Promise Island and I had a coconut tart in the Coconut Cafe' and kids kept saying it smelled like a tropical island.  I loaded up my little Sansa Fuze with all sorts of tropical bird sounds.

Last year was God's Backyard Bible Camp Under the Stars. Oh this one I had fun with!  I would switch between Campfire TreatSummer Scoop, and Green Grass.  I found all sorts of bird calls, crickets, bat, owl hooting sounds and loaded my Fuze and had it hidden in some greenery near where the Backyard Food and Fun site was.  Kids would look all around for the birds and other animals.

This year's theme is Jungle Safari, Where Kids Explore the Nature of God.  I haven't decided what what kind of scents to use. I have found more jungle sounds like frogs, monkeys, orangutans, macaw and toucans.

Feel free to check out my Jungle Safari board on Pinterest.

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