Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Christmas Pageant Angels

I volunteered to help make costumes for our Church's Christmas Pageant this year.  I used the same McCall's Pattern 2854 as Miss V's Trixie the Halloween Fairy costume.  I did make them in the full length.  I also used a pretty white crushed panne' velvet.  It wasn't a stark white, but more of a winter white.  I ended up making five Angels with this pattern.  At the last minute one of the girls had to switch and be a Wiseman.  For the wings and halo, they were purchased through Buy Costumes.

For Gabriel's costume I used Simplicity 4797 pattern since the young lady playing him was a bit older and taller.  I made the dress and put gold trimming on the bottom of the dress and down the sleeves.  For her belt I used a gold twisted rope.  The wings and halo also came from Buy Costumes, but a different style.

Here is a close up of the gold trimming.  It was very pretty.

I totally forgot how that I love to sew simple things.  I even told Miss V that I found a pattern to make pajama pants and she wanted of course MONKEY ones.  On one trip through Joann's she found every single fabric that had monkeys on it.

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