Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Wanted posters

This year we are hosting a murder mystery game called Murder At The Deadwood Saloon.  No wild west party would be complete without a few wanted posters.  I searched high and low online and found a software program called Poster Forge.  You can download the free version and start creating!  It also has a couple other features, but I stuck with the wanted posters.

When you print them out, they print out on 4 letter size sheets of paper.  I used white cardstock to print mine out on.  I have four printed and just put two together.  It was so simple! 

Here are the two that I just finished, I did blank out my daughter's face and name for her own online safety.

I also search for cute slang sayings for the "crimes" part of the poster.  The finished hight is about 20 inches.

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