Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Christmas Mod Podge Christmas Votive

So I had tried different versions a few months back with trying to punch out Christmas/Winter Shapes and well it was very difficult so I put the project to the back of my brain.

Last week, I decided to revisit the idea and went looking for votive holders.  I know our local dollar store has them, but probably wouldn't have 48.  I just happened to get my weekly email from Hobby Lobby and listed right there were cute little Roly Poly Votive holders.  They were originally $1.49 and were on sale for $0.74.  Woo Hoo....off to Hobby I went and purchased 50 and they still had a shelf full when I left.

So the little holders have been sitting waiting for me to come up with a plan.  Well last night inspiration hit, why don't I just rip little pieces of tissue paper and make it like a little mosaic?

I think the kids at Gift Making day will have to work on this first so that they have plenty of time to dry.  I think it came out pretty cute.

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