Monday, October 14, 2013

Tulle Tutu from Simplicity 1711

So Miss V wanted a Halloween Costume for Kathleen and that is was started the funky tights idea.  Well I couldn't find a pattern for a witch costume that didn't cost a lot so I went to Hobby Lobby (aka my happy place).

The Simplicity patterns were on sale for $0.99 and I found two that would work.  One was number 1711 and it was regular clothes with a tutu.

I figured I could make it halloweenish.

Now....after the disastrous tutorials on the tights, this is what I first see for the tutu instructions.

 It does not say how long these 32 strips should I measured Kathleen and it was 6 inches from waist to knee, so I doubled it so I could loop it.  Now it said to loop it over the elastic.

It was becoming a nightmare with the elastic twisting and some of the pieces slipped off the ends.  So I sewed the ends together.  After all 32 pieces were looped onto the elastic, I put it on Kathleen.

Really cute from the front (I did trim it a bit after the pictures)

 So clearly 32 pieces weren't enough, so I added 6 or 8 more.  Can I just tell you how much easier it was to loop the tulle onto the elastic, while it was on Kathleen?  The elastic didn't roll and you could see where you needed to add some.
Much better and like I said, I did trim it after the pictures were taken.  It is almost done, but you are supposed to tie on a little satin bow.  Well I cannot make a pretty bow to save my own life.  I am having a dear friend who is the QUEEN of bows make me a few and I will sew them on.

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