Thursday, June 27, 2013

Easter Egg Glow Bugs for God's Backyard Bible Camp Under the Stars

Standard Publishing posted a cute picture this morning.  Some crafty person made little glow bugs from Easter Eggs and some other craft supplies.

I realized that I have everything to make a couple.  So I went digging in my craft supplies to find the googly eyes.

So I went out to the garage to find the perfect colored egg, ummm yes I do have an abundance of eggs.

You also will need some
Pipe Cleaners
Craft Foam
Googly eyes
Fishing line
Glue Dots
Hot glue gun
Battery Operated Tea light.  I picked up a back at Dollar Tree months ago thinking I would make a little camp fire for Miss V's AG Doll Kathleen.

Use glue dots to attach the googly eyes

Draw a happy smile on your glow bug

I didn't measure the pipe cleaner, just kind of guessed what looked right and hot glued them on.

Curve over the top of the pipe cleaner
For the wings I used another egg and traced a circle then cut it in half and hot glued them on.

I couldn't get a good picture, but I hot glued the end of a length of fishing line to the inside of the head part of the egg.
 Add the tea light and turn on to check it out.

It came out cute!!!

I even made a quick video.  I had to shut the blinds, curtain and lights off.  I had the ceiling fan on so that it would spin around a bit.

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