Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Jack O Lantern Jars

Repost from 10/12/2009.  I wanted to update it with the link that I used for the pumpkin faces.

I used the site Scissor Crafts and it refers you to a site called Paper Pumpkins, there I downloaded and printed many different Jack O'Lantern faces.


We made these Jack O Lantern jars at work. They are a really cute candy holder.

You'll Need:
canning jars or baby food jars
green acrylic paint
black craft foam sheets or black acrylic paint
craft glue or hot glue gun
green ribbon or raffia
orange candy.

How to Make It:Cover your work surface. Remove the lid from the jar and paint it with the green paint. Cut the face pieces from craft foam and attach them to the jar with craft glue. To make it even easier, we used sticky backed craft foam sheets to make the jack-o-lantern face. No glue needed!You can also paint the face on the jar.

Fill the jar with the orange candies all the way up to the top. Secure the dry painted lid on the top and tie the ribbon around the edges for an extra decorative touch.

For the faces I printed off about a dozen pumpkin carving patterns and the kids drew the faces on the black foam.

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