Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Bedroom makeover 95% done

We have just about, ok 95% finished Miss V's bedroom makeover.  Here are some pictures of the progress.

Took down the Princess border and started to empty her room.

Next came color....the two choices were Sherwin Williams Slick Blue or Spa.

I wasn't totally sure, so I asked my friends on FB.  It was split 50/50 until one of my neighbors suggested Sherwin Williams Blue Bauble, which is one shade lighter than Slick Blue.  The more I thought about it and looked at it, the more I liked it.  When Miss V came home, I asked her to pick one of the three and she immediately picked the Blue Bauble.  Ok...Blue Bauble it will be!

So on April 20th we dropped Miss V off at school and went to Home Depot to get sod.  Well that was a huge no go so I went and picked up two gallons of Behr paint with the primer in it.  I love how they will match other brands.  We came home and got to work.  I was secretly worried about how well it would do covering the pink and purple.  Well the paint is really thick and did a great job of covering the old paint.

Now that is a big difference in colors.

I really like how it matches her old quilt.  I am storing the quilt in the closet to use as a back up if need be.

Finished painting her room and let it dry over night.  The following day I put her new Bobby Jack, Going Dotty bedding on.  I also purchased two espresso brown panels from walmart.  They are from Eclipse and they are room darkening.  That side of the house is absolutely brutal in the summer.  Her room never feels cooler than mid 80's.  Over the panels, I added the Bobby Jack Going Dotty Valance.

Also brought her bookcase back in and it looks great with the new paint color.

I also found cute fabric bins at Target and they work wonderful in her wire cubes.  Miss V also sorted through her toys and came up with a big bag of things to donate.  Yeah!!

She also sorted through her stuffed animals and I told her that she could keep a few down and the rest would go in bins and be stored away.  I told her that in a few months that I would get the bins down and she can pick different animals and the rest get stored away.

I found these nice lime green bins at Walmart.

Last night Marcel put her armoire back in her room.  It looks so much cuter in white with green nobs!

The only things left are to refinish/paint the bed, which may have to wait until fall when it isn't so muggy here in SW Florida.  I also want to get a BIG magnetic white board, but waiting for a Michael's coupon and some sort of brown rug.

Some thing I learned....the Behr paint and primer in one IS fantastic.  But you can still smell the fumes.  Each day the smell is getting lighter and lighter.


  1. It looks GREAT. You can come do our place anytime ;)

  2. Thanks Shayna! It is much to cool up in Canada for me. LOL

  3. I love the monkey bedding! So cute!

  4. I just love this comforter. I found all the related separates online, but not the comforter. Is this still being used? Anyway you would sell it? Desperate Mom trying to please a 7 year old. Let me know.