Monday, February 28, 2011

Miss V's Room Redo baby step #1

Miss V has decided that she would like her room redone.  She found some bedding that she likes and I will order that in a few weeks.  To make her room seem more cohesive we thought of painting her wood furniture white.  Right now it is a natural finish.

Miss V doesn't like huge fast changes.  So I figured that I would start with her bookcase.  This is what it looked like back on Feb 16.

We stopped at Home Depot that following weekend and picked up some sandpaper, primer and paint.  On February 22nd I started my little project.

Before sanding the finish off.

Sanded the finish off and it was a nice light coat so I didn't have to sand very much.

I used a spray primer.  In theory it sounded good, but next time, I will just stick with regular primer.

  I painted it the next day and put two coats.  It is getting a bit humid here is Florida, so my husband brought the bookcase in and we let it completely dry.  I keep going back and forth whether I should spray the top with a sealer.  Maybe I will see how it goes in the next couple of weeks.

Here is the finished bookcase.

I can't believe how great it came out.  It really helps lighten the room.  Miss V now cannot wait to have the rest of the room done.

Oh here is the paint info (satin finish)