Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Digital Scrapbooking and Disney.....

I am a huge traditional paper scrapbooker that is slowly getting into the digital world.  I have been in a creative rut lately with my paper scrapbooks.  I still haven't scrapped our June 2007 Disney Trip.  It wasn't our best trip by far, but still anytime spent at the House of Mouse is good.

I think I hit a wall because since we moved to Florida in February 2005 we took a few trips to see Mickey and Pals, well actually to see the Princesses, Stanley and Goofy.  Most of my pages have the same papers, stickers, elements and well that just gets boring.

So last week I some how stumbled upon a whole message board all about Disney Scrapping!!!!  It is called Mouse Scrappers

Yesterday I sat down and of course signed up and started looking through some of folders.  By the way, it is layed out right down to the countries of EPCOT and the lands around Magic Kingdom.  Some of the pages just blew me away!!!  Well some of the pages said to click on the pictures for the credits.  When I did, I found a huge shock......Disney inspired digital scrapbook kits!

Maybe that was my problem!  I had been searching for Disney digital kits.  Duh...light bulb went off in my head.  Well of course they can't label them with Disney or character names! 

I went through and bookmarked a few of the sites that I call Disney Inspired kits.  Here is a list of what I found so far:

ScrapMatters - search for Disney
Sahlin Studio
Cynthia Forever
MJ-AJ Designs
Natalie's Little Corner of the World
Britt-ish Designs
Kellybell Designs

Maybe now I will finally get around to scrapping our June 2007 trip!!!!

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