Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Monkey, Monkey, Monkey

I am working on goody bags for Miss V's party and I am bit stumped.

I ordered some white craft bags with handles to put the goodies in and going to print out labels with the kids names on them. Here is a picture of them, they are going to be printed on 3 1/3 x 4 inch mailing labels. (Yes I snagged the picture) LOL I probably shouldn't post the picture, long story but some of my iVillage girls will remember the "infamous Taggie" letter that some of received.

Here are the candy bar wrappers that I made. If you are ever you want to order the foils, you must check out Foilman!

I ordered the stuff below from Oriental Trading. Cute but doesn't match, but Miss V doesn't care because it is MONKEYS!!

I am not sure what else to put in them. Maybe some individual bags of trail mix that has banana chips? Have any ideas, I would love to hear them!!

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